Food and Public benefit

We insist in apply carefully chosen ingredients for breakfast which are fresh and quality. Besides, good ingredients shall go with a good chef. The chef of Horizon Inn upholds to use less salt and oil, fresh ingredients, and light seasoning to produce delicious food. Desserts are made of freshly cut fruits. You can feel assured to enjoy them.

We engage in public benefits by using the bread provided by Children Are Us Bakery for our breakfast, because we hope that the children who have mental retardation problem can have continuous working opportunities. We trust in the quality of their bakery, so we insist in using their bread.  

Nuns' Cakes is a dessert program we selected. In order to raise the funds for the poor senior and the sustainable operation of the only hospice "Grace Home" in Taitung, the old nuns make cakes by themselves and sell them for charity. We present Nuns' Cakes from time to time at breakfast for our visitors. And we hope that our engagement can contribute to them.

Goodness Group is a public benefit group in Hualien. They purchase fruits and vegetables from farmers at a higher price than the market or purchase a great deal of over-produced products to help them sell. We use many fruits for breakfast. Thus, we want to participate in their activities to both help the farmers and allow our visitors enjoy good fruits while contributing to public benefits.